ICD-10-PCS Section: 8 - Other Procedures

Other Procedures

The seven characters in the other procedures section have the following meaning:

  • Character 1 = Section
  • Character 2 = Body System
  • Character 3 = Root Operation
  • Character 4 = Body Region
  • Character 5 = Approach
  • Character 6 = Method
  • Character 7 = Qualifier

The other procedures section includes acupuncture, suture removal and in vitro fertilization. Codes in this section have a first character value of "8". The second character value for body system is physiological systems and anatomical regions. The other procedures section has only one root operation, defined as follows:

  • Other Procedures: Methodologies which attempt to remediate or cure a disorder or disease.

The fourth character contains specified body region values, and also the body region value none for extracorporeal procedures. Approaches included are percutaneous and external. The sixth character specifies the method (e.g., acupuncture, robotic assisted procedure). The seventh character is a qualifier, and contains specific values as needed.

8C - Indwelling Device

8E - Physiological Systems and Anatomical Regions