ICD-10-PCS D82 Radiation Therapy: Eye Stereotactic Radiosurgery

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify D82 - Stereotactic Radiosurgery (a type of external radiation therapy that uses special equipment to position the patient and precisely give a single large dose of radiation to a tumor). There are a total of 4 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
D82Radiation Therapy, Eye, Stereotactic RadiosurgeryNon-Billable Code
D820DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of EyeBillable Code
D820HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of EyeBillable Code
D820JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of EyeBillable Code