ICD-10-PCS DD2 Radiation Therapy: Gastrointestinal System Stereotactic Radiosurgery

List of ICD-10-PCS codes used to specify DD2 - Stereotactic Radiosurgery (a type of external radiation therapy that uses special equipment to position the patient and precisely give a single large dose of radiation to a tumor). There are a total of 22 procedure codes in this section.

ICD-10-PCS Description Status
DD2Radiation Therapy, Gastrointestinal System, Stereotactic RadiosurgeryNon-Billable Code
DD20DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of EsophagusBillable Code
DD20HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of EsophagusBillable Code
DD20JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of EsophagusBillable Code
DD21DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of StomachBillable Code
DD21HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of StomachBillable Code
DD21JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of StomachBillable Code
DD22DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of DuodenumBillable Code
DD22HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of DuodenumBillable Code
DD22JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of DuodenumBillable Code
DD23DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of JejunumBillable Code
DD23HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of JejunumBillable Code
DD23JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of JejunumBillable Code
DD24DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of IleumBillable Code
DD24HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of IleumBillable Code
DD24JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of IleumBillable Code
DD25DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of ColonBillable Code
DD25HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of ColonBillable Code
DD25JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of ColonBillable Code
DD27DZZStereotactic Other Photon Radiosurgery of RectumBillable Code
DD27HZZStereotactic Particulate Radiosurgery of RectumBillable Code
DD27JZZStereotactic Gamma Beam Radiosurgery of RectumBillable Code