ICD-10-PCS Body System: 6A - Physiological Systems

List of ICD-10-PCS procedures under 6A - Physiological Systems

6A0 - Atmospheric ControlExtracorporeal control of atmospheric pressure and composition
6A1 - DecompressionExtracorporeal elimination of undissolved gas from body fluids
6A2 - Electromagnetic TherapyExtracorporeal treatment by electromagnetic rays
6A3 - HyperthermiaExtracorporeal raising of body temperature
6A4 - HypothermiaExtracorporeal lowering of body temperature
6A5 - PheresisExtracorporeal separation of blood products
6A6 - PhototherapyExtracorporeal treatment by light rays
6A7 - Ultrasound TherapyExtracorporeal treatment by ultrasound
6A8 - Ultraviolet Light TherapyExtracorporeal treatment by ultraviolet light
6A9 - Shock Wave TherapyExtracorporeal treatment by shock waves
6AB - PerfusionExtracorporeal treatment by diffusion of therapeutic fluid