Removal of Synth Sub from Vas Deferens, Open Approach

ICD-10-PCS Procedure Code 0VPR0JZ

Short Description: Removal of Synth Sub from Vas Deferens, Open Approach
Long Description: Removal of Synthetic Substitute from Vas Deferens, Open Approach

This is the 2019 version of the ICD-10-PCS procedure code 0VPR0JZ

Valid for Submission
The code 0VPR0JZ is a billable procedure code.

ICD-10-PCS Details

Code Designation Label Definition
0 Section Medical and Surgical
V Body System Male Reproductive System
P Operation Removal Drainage tube removal, cardiac pacemaker removal
R Body Part Vas Deferens Ejaculatory duct
0 Approach Open Cutting through the skin or mucous membrane and any other body layers necessary to expose the site of the procedure
J Device Synthetic Substitute Zimmer(R) NexGen(R) LPS-Flex Mobile Knee
Z Qualifier No Qualifier

Code Edits

The following code edits are applicable to this code 0VPR0JZ:

Procedures for males only - this code is intended for procedures for males only.

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