Codes Related to ICD-9 V61.8

Family circumstances NEC

ICD-9 Related Codes to V61.8

  • V61.01 - Family disruption due to family member on military deployment
  • V61.02 - Family disruption due to return of family member from military deployment
  • V61.03 - Family disruption due to divorce or legal separation
  • V61.04 - Family disruption due to parent-child estrangement
  • V61.05 - Family disruption due to child in welfare custody
  • V61.06 - Family disruption due to child in foster care or in care of non-parental family member
  • V61.07 - Family disruption due to death of family member
  • V61.08 - Family disruption due to other extended absence of family member
  • V61.09 - Other family disruption
  • V61.10 - Counseling for marital and partner problems, unspecified
  • V61.11 - Counseling for victim of spousal and partner abuse
  • V61.12 - Counseling for perpetrator of spousal and partner abuse
  • V61.20 - Counseling for parent-child problem, unspecified
  • V61.21 - Counseling for victim of child abuse
  • V61.22 - Counseling for perpetrator of spousal and partner abuse
  • V61.23 - Counseling for parent-biological child problem
  • V61.24 - Counseling for parent-adopted child problem
  • V61.25 - Counseling for parent (guardian)-foster child problem
  • V61.29 - Other parent-child problems
  • V61.3 - Problems with aged parents or in-laws
  • V61.41 - Alcoholism in family
  • V61.42 - Substance abuse in family
  • V61.49 - Other health problems within the family
  • V61.5 - Multiparity
  • V61.6 - Illegitimacy or illegitimate pregnancy
  • V61.7 - Other unwanted pregnancy
  • V61.9 - Unspecified family circumstance
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