ICD-9 Diagnosis Code V60.89

Housing/econo circum NEC

Diagnosis Code V60.89

ICD-9: V60.89
Short Description: Housing/econo circum NEC
Long Description: Other specified housing or economic circumstances
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code V60.89

Code Classification
  • Supplementary classification of factors influencing health status and contact with health services (E)
    • Persons encountering health services in other circumstances (V60-V69)
      • V60 Housing, household, and economic circumstances

Information for Medical Professionals

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  • Apartment building living
  • Awaiting housing improvement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Care breaking down
  • Carer can no longer cope
  • Carer is reluctant to care
  • Carer is unwilling to care
  • Carer lives at a distance
  • Carer not readily available
  • Cares for a friend
  • Cares for a neighbor
  • Child lives with unrelated adult
  • Child minding service
  • City dweller
  • Delay in receiving benefits
  • Dirty home
  • Divorced couple sharing house
  • Does not own home
  • Eligible for accommodation
  • Entitlement to benefits uncertain
  • Evicted forcibly from house
  • Eviction from dwelling
  • Financial affairs managed by third party
  • High community crime rate
  • Home help requested
  • Home owned by family member
  • Home poorly personalized
  • Home repossessed
  • Home untidy
  • House infested
  • Impaired home maintenance management, severe
  • Income insufficient to meet needs
  • Income paid annually
  • Income paid daily
  • Income paid monthly
  • Income paid quarterly
  • Informal carer unsupported
  • Lives as companion
  • Lives as illegal tenant
  • Lives as paid companion
  • Lives as unpaid companion
  • Lives in a commune
  • Lives in a school community
  • Lives in a welfare home
  • Lives in apartment with elevator access
  • Lives in apartment without elevator access
  • Lives in detached house
  • Lives in furnished rented accommodation
  • Lives in ground floor apartment
  • Lives in hospital
  • Lives in hotel
  • Lives in independent group home
  • Lives in noninstitutional accommodation
  • Lives in rented accommodation
  • Lives in semidetached house
  • Lives in sheltered housing
  • Lives in supported home
  • Lives in terraced house
  • Lives in tied accommodation
  • Lives in unfurnished rented accommodation
  • Lives under a landlady scheme
  • Lives with children
  • Lives with companion
  • Lives with daughter
  • Lives with family
  • Lives with father
  • Lives with friend
  • Lives with friends
  • Lives with grandfather
  • Lives with grandmother
  • Lives with grandparents
  • Lives with lodger
  • Lives with mother
  • Lives with parents
  • Lives with son
  • Lives with spouse
  • Lives with wife
  • Living in mobile home
  • Living in residence with poor sanitation
  • Living in retirement community
  • Living in trailer
  • Living rough
  • Living temporarily with relatives
  • Living with carer
  • Loss of benefits
  • Low household income
  • Low personal income
  • Mold growth in home
  • Mold on bedding in home
  • Mold on clothing in home
  • Mold on surfaces in home
  • No communal areas in accommodation
  • No help available from lay carer
  • No personal income
  • No transport available to carer
  • Not eligible for accommodation
  • Not entitled to benefits
  • Not on waiting list for accommodation
  • On housing list
  • On urgent housing list
  • On waiting list for accommodation
  • Overcrowded in house
  • Patient themselves providing care
  • Penetrating damp in home
  • Poor housing
  • Poor informal care arrangements
  • Problem with condensation
  • Problem with informal carer
  • Receives help from friend
  • Receives help from lay carer
  • Receives help from neighbor
  • Receives help from relative
  • Receives help from voluntary agency
  • Rising damp in home
  • Single home living
  • Sleeping at friends home
  • Sleeping in night shelter
  • Sleeping in vehicle
  • Sleeping out
  • Staying with carer
  • Temporarily housebound
  • Under care of homeless advocacy service
  • Variable income
  • Wet patches on wall in home

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