ICD-9 Diagnosis Code V15.89

Hx-health hazards NEC

Diagnosis Code V15.89

ICD-9: V15.89
Short Description: Hx-health hazards NEC
Long Description: Other specified personal history presenting hazards to health
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code V15.89

Code Classification
  • Supplementary classification of factors influencing health status and contact with health services (E)
    • Persons with potential health hazards related to personal and family history (V10-V19)
      • V15 Other personal history presenting hazards to health

Information for Medical Professionals

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  • Abortion number 6
  • Born by breech delivery
  • Born by cesarean section
  • Born by elective cesarean section
  • Born by emergency cesarean section
  • Born by forceps delivery
  • Born by ventouse delivery
  • Delay in seeking medical advice
  • Emergency epilepsy treatment since last appointment
  • History of cerebral hemorrhage
  • History of combination internal cardiac defibrillator and pacemaker
  • History of domestic abuse
  • History of exposure to second hand smoke
  • History of full term delivery
  • History of induced termination of pregnancy under unsafe conditions
  • History of isocyanate exposure
  • History of obesity
  • History of occlusion of cerebral artery without cerebral infarction
  • History of polyp of colon
  • History of recurrent dislocation of hip joint prosthesis
  • History of threatening violent behavior toward others
  • History of violent behavior toward others
  • Missed childhood immunizations
  • Misused drugs in past
  • Unable to attend school due to illness

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