ICD-9 Diagnosis Code E910.1

Skin/scuba diving acc

Diagnosis Code E910.1

ICD-9: E910.1
Short Description: Skin/scuba diving acc
Long Description: Accidental drowning and submersion while engaged in other sport or recreational activity with diving equipment
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code E910.1

Code Classification
  • External causes of injury (V)
    • Accidents caused by submersion, suffocation, and foreign bodies (E910-E915)
      • E910 Accidental drowning and submersion

Information for Patients


People drown when they get too much water in their lungs. You can drown in as little as an inch or two of water. Babies can drown in a sink or bathtub. Preschoolers are most likely to drown in a swimming pool. People who have seizure disorders are also at risk in the water. Drowning can happen quickly and silently.

Drowning precautions should include

  • Fences around pools
  • Supervising children near any body of water, including tubs
  • Not swimming or boating when under the influence of alcohol or sedatives
  • Wearing life jackets when boating
  • Learning CPR

  • Near drowning

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