ICD-9 Diagnosis Code 998.9

Surgical complicat NOS

Diagnosis Code 998.9

ICD-9: 998.9
Short Description: Surgical complicat NOS
Long Description: Unspecified complication of procedure, not elsewhere classified
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 998.9

Code Classification
  • Injury and poisoning (800–999)
    • Complications of surgical and medical care, not elsewhere classified (996-999)
      • 998 Other complications of procedures, not elsewhere classified

Information for Medical Professionals

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  • Adhesion of tendon repair
  • Air embolism - postoperative
  • Air embolism due to surgery
  • Auditory system complication of procedure
  • Complication of administrative procedure
  • Complication of cryotherapy procedure
  • Complication of cutaneous surgery
  • Complication of diagnostic procedure
  • Complication of diathermy procedure
  • Complication of hydrotherapy procedure
  • Complication of internal anastomosis
  • Complication of introduction procedure
  • Complication of manipulation procedure
  • Complication of neonatal circumcision
  • Complication of observation procedure
  • Complication of patch testing
  • Complication of physical rehabilitation therapy procedure
  • Complication of procedure
  • Complication of procedure by procedure type
  • Complication of procedure by succeeding disorder
  • Complication of puncture procedure
  • Complication of reduction procedure
  • Complication of surgical procedure
  • Complication of traction procedure
  • Complications associated with artificial fertilization
  • Disorders following clinical procedure
  • Failure in suture and ligature during surgical operation
  • Failure of sterile precautions during blood sampling
  • Failure of sterile precautions during endoscopic examination
  • Failure of sterile precautions during infusion
  • Failure of sterile precautions during injection
  • Failure of sterile precautions during injection or vaccination
  • Failure of sterile precautions during kidney dialysis
  • Failure to achieve operative objectives
  • Flail joint following removal of prosthesis
  • Iatrogenic complication of vascular surgery
  • Immune system complication of procedure
  • Intraoperative death
  • Mechanical failure of instrument or apparatus during procedure
  • Mechanical failure of instrument or apparatus during surgical operation
  • Neurological complication of procedure
  • Performance of inappropriate operation
  • Peri-operative injury
  • Peristomal abscess
  • Peristomal fistula
  • Postoperative complication
  • Postoperative death
  • Postprocedural finding oral cavity
  • Postprocedural pancreatic steatorrhea
  • Post-splenectomy disorder
  • Post-vagotomy dysphagia
  • Pyrexia postprocedure
  • Skin graft put on upside-down
  • Stomal varices
  • Stone formation in stoma
  • Traumatic complication of procedure

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