ICD-9 Diagnosis Code 793.99

Nonsp abn find-body NEC

Diagnosis Code 793.99

ICD-9: 793.99
Short Description: Nonsp abn find-body NEC
Long Description: Other nonspecific (abnormal) findings on radiological and other examinations of body structure
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 793.99

Code Classification
  • Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions (780–799)
    • Nonspecific abnormal findings (790-796)
      • 793 Nonspecific abnormal findings on radiological and other examination of body structure

Information for Medical Professionals

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  • Abnormal radiologic density
  • Abnormal radiologic density, diffuse
  • Abnormal radiologic density, irregular
  • Abnormal radiologic density, large area
  • Abnormal radiologic density, localized
  • Abnormal radiologic density, nodular
  • Abnormal radiologic density, rounded
  • Abnormal radiologic density, small area
  • Abnormal radiologic density, unequal
  • Abnormal radiologic density, uniform
  • Abnormal radionuclide scan
  • Antenatal ultrasound scan abnormal
  • Aortic aneurysm screening abnormal
  • Carotid artery angiogram abnormal
  • Cineradiography abnormal
  • Coarse
  • Coeur en sabot
  • Computed tomography result abnormal
  • Coronary arteriography abnormal
  • Decreased markings
  • Decreased radiologic density
  • Dystrophic radiographic calcification
  • Eggshell radiographic calcification
  • Femoral arteriogram abnormal
  • Fetal bowel echogenicity on obstetric ultrasound scan
  • Fetal heart echogenicity on obstetric ultrasound scan
  • Filling defect
  • Fine, linear, branching
  • Gestational sac absent
  • Hysterosalpingogram abnormal
  • Imaging of thyroid gland abnormal
  • Imaging result abnormal
  • Increased fetal nuchal thickness
  • Increased vascular markings of lung
  • Induration of wound
  • Irregular shaped lesion
  • Kymography abnormal
  • Large rod-like radiographic calcification
  • Lesion with circumscribed margin
  • Lesion with indistinct margin
  • Lesion with microlobulated margin
  • Lesion with obscured margin
  • Lesion with spiculated margin
  • Leuko-araiosis
  • Lobular shaped lesion
  • Lucent-centered radiographic calcification
  • Lymphangiography abnormal
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of thorax abnormal
  • Milk of calcium radiographic calcification
  • Neuroradiography with contrast abnormal
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance abnormal
  • Oval shaped lesion
  • Placentography abnormal
  • Plain X-ray result abnormal
  • Plain X-ray teeth abnormal
  • Post-mortem radiology abnormal
  • Punctate radiographic calcification
  • Radiographic calcification finding
  • Radiographic calcification with clustered distribution
  • Radiographic calcification with diffuse distribution
  • Radiographic calcification with grouped distribution
  • Radiographic calcification with linear distribution
  • Radiographic calcification with regional distribution
  • Radiographic calcification with segmental distribution
  • Radiographic finding of amorphous calcification
  • Radiographic finding of calcified suture material
  • Radiographic finding of vascular calcification
  • Radiographic individual calcification
  • Radiologic infiltrate
  • Radiologic opacity
  • Radiology result abnormal
  • Renal arteriogram abnormal
  • Round shaped lesion
  • Round shaped radiographic calcification
  • Shadow
  • Single artery of fetal umbilical cord on obstetric ultrasound scan
  • Thermography abnormal
  • Tomography - chest abnormal
  • Tomography abnormal
  • Ultrasound obstetric scan abnormal
  • Ultrasound scan abnormal
  • Ultrasound scan of fetal head abnormal
  • X-ray evidence of poor mineralization
  • X-ray pelvimetry abnormal

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