ICD-9 Diagnosis Code 368.55

Acq color deficiency

Diagnosis Code 368.55

ICD-9: 368.55
Short Description: Acq color deficiency
Long Description: Acquired color vision deficiencies
This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 368.55

Code Classification
  • Diseases of the sense organs (360–389)
    • Disorders of the eye and adnexa (360-379)
      • 368 Visual disturbances

Information for Medical Professionals

Information for Patients

Color Blindness

Most of us see our world in color. We enjoy looking at a lush green lawn or a red rose in full bloom. If you have a color vision defect, you may see these colors differently than most people.

There are three main kinds of color vision defects. Red-green color vision defects are the most common. This type occurs in men more than in women. The other major types are blue-yellow color vision defects and a complete absence of color vision.

Most of the time, color blindness is genetic. There is no treatment, but most people adjust and the condition doesn't limit their activities.

  • Color blindness
  • Color vision test

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