ICD-10 Diagnosis Code X30

Exposure to excessive natural heat

Diagnosis Code X30

ICD-10: X30
Short Description: Exposure to excessive natural heat
Long Description: Exposure to excessive natural heat
This is the 2018 version of the ICD-10-CM diagnosis code X30

Not Valid for Submission
The code X30 is a "header" and not valid for submission for HIPAA-covered transactions.

Code Classification
  • External causes of morbidity and mortality (V01–Y98)
    • Exposure to forces of nature (X30-X39)
      • Exposure to excessive natural heat (X30)

Information for Medical Professionals

Index of Diseases and Injuries
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Index of External Cause of Injuries
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    • Effect(s) (adverse) of
      • insolation
    • Exposure(to)
      • excessive
        • heat (natural) NEC
    • Forces of nature
      • heat (natural)
    • Heat(effects of) (excessive)
    • Heat(effects of) (excessive)
      • due to
        • weather (conditions)
    • Hot
      • weather, effects
    • Ictus
      • solaris
    • Insolation, effects
    • Overexposure(accidental) (to)
      • heat

Information for Patients

Heat Illness

Also called: Heat exhaustion, Sunstroke

Your body normally cools itself by sweating. During hot weather, especially with high humidity, sweating just isn't enough. Your body temperature can rise to dangerous levels and you can develop a heat illness. Most heat illnesses occur from staying out in the heat too long. Exercising too much for your age and physical condition are also factors. Older adults, young children and those who are sick or overweight are most at risk. Drinking fluids to prevent dehydration, replenishing salt and minerals, and limiting time in the heat can help.

Heat-related illnesses include

  • Heatstroke - a life-threatening illness in which body temperature may rise above 106° F in minutes; symptoms include dry skin, rapid, strong pulse and dizziness
  • Heat exhaustion - an illness that can precede heatstroke; symptoms include heavy sweating, rapid breathing and a fast, weak pulse
  • Heat cramps - muscle pains or spasms that happen during heavy exercise
  • Heat rash - skin irritation from excessive sweating

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Heat emergencies (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • How to avoid overheating during exercise (Medical Encyclopedia)
  • Protecting Workers from Heat Stress (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • Protecting Yourself from Heat Stress (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

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