2020 ICD-10-CM Table of Neoplasms for Anatomical Sites starting with "y"

The Table of Neoplasms by anatomical site. For each site there are six possible code numbers according to whether the neoplasm in question is malignant, benign, in situ, of uncertain behavior, or of unspecified nature. The description of the neoplasm will often indicate which of the six columns is appropriate.

Where such descriptors are not present, the remainder of the Index should be consulted where guidance is given to the appropriate column for each morphological (histological) variety listed. However, the guidance in the Index can be overridden if one of the descriptors mentioned above is present.

For coding neoplasms identify the solid organ or tissue and then assign the correct histological behavior which could be Benign, In situ, Malignant, Primary, Secondary, Uncertain Behavior or Unspecified. The Tabular Index must be reviewed for the complete diagnosis code.

The following ICD-10-CM table of neoplasms effective for the fiscal year 2020 includes a complete listing of all anatomical sites starting with the letter "y"

Neoplasm, neoplastic Malignant
CaInSitu Benign Uncertain