2021 ICD-10-CM Codes for Other mycoses, not elsewhere classified (B48)

Clinical Terms for Other mycoses, not elsewhere classified (B48)

Lobomycosis-. A chronic, fungal, subcutaneous infection endemic in rural regions in South America and Central America. The causal organism is Lacazia labol.

Rhinosporidiosis-. Chronic, localized granulomatous infection of mucocutaneous tissues, especially the NOSE, and characterized by HYPERPLASIA and the development of POLYPS. It is found in humans and other animals and is caused by the mesomycetozoean organism RHINOSPORIDIUM SEEBERI.

Geotrichosis-. Infection due to the fungus Geotrichum.

Geotrichum-. A mitosporic Saccharomycetales fungal genus, various species of which have been isolated from pulmonary lesions. Teleomorphs include Dipodascus and Galactomyces.