2022 ICD-10-CM Codes for Nicotine dependence (F17)

Clinical Terms for Nicotine dependence (F17)

Nicotine Dependence-. Tobacco used to the detriment of a person's health or social functioning. Tobacco dependence is included.

Nicotine-. Nicotine is highly toxic alkaloid. It is the prototypical agonist at nicotinic cholinergic receptors where it dramatically stimulates neurons and ultimately blocks synaptic transmission. Nicotine is also important medically because of its presence in tobacco smoke.

Tobacco-. A plant genus of the family SOLANACEAE. Members contain NICOTINE and other biologically active chemicals; its dried leaves are used for SMOKING.

Nicotine Chewing Gum-. Chewing gum which contains NICOTINE.

Instructional Notations

Type 1 Excludes Type 1 Excludes
A type 1 excludes note is a pure excludes note. It means "NOT CODED HERE!" An Excludes1 note indicates that the code excluded should never be used at the same time as the code above the Excludes1 note. An Excludes1 is used when two conditions cannot occur together, such as a congenital form versus an acquired form of the same condition.

  • history of tobacco dependence Z87.891
  • tobacco use NOS Z72.0

Type 2 Excludes Type 2 Excludes
A type 2 excludes note represents "Not included here". An excludes2 note indicates that the condition excluded is not part of the condition represented by the code, but a patient may have both conditions at the same time. When an Excludes2 note appears under a code, it is acceptable to use both the code and the excluded code together, when appropriate.

  • tobacco use smoking during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium O99.33
  • toxic effect of nicotine T65.2
    • ICD-10 Index

      • Mental and behavioural disorders (F00–F99)

        • Mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use (F10-F19)

            • Nicotine dependence (F17)
            • F17 - Nicotine dependence NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.2 - Nicotine dependence NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.20 - Nicotine dependence, unspecified NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.200 - Nicotine dependence, unspecified, uncomplicated BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.201 - Nicotine dependence, unspecified, in remission BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.203 - Nicotine dependence unspecified, with withdrawal BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.208 - Nicotine dependence, unsp, w oth nicotine-induced disorders BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.209 - Nicotine dependence, unsp, w unsp nicotine-induced disorders BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.21 - Nicotine dependence, cigarettes NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.210 - Nicotine dependence, cigarettes, uncomplicated BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.211 - Nicotine dependence, cigarettes, in remission BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.213 - Nicotine dependence, cigarettes, with withdrawal BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.218 - Nicotine dependence, cigarettes, w oth disorders BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.219 - Nicotine dependence, cigarettes, w unsp disorders BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.22 - Nicotine dependence, chewing tobacco NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.220 - Nicotine dependence, chewing tobacco, uncomplicated BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.221 - Nicotine dependence, chewing tobacco, in remission BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.223 - Nicotine dependence, chewing tobacco, with withdrawal BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.228 - Nicotine dependence, chewing tobacco, w oth disorders BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.229 - Nicotine dependence, chewing tobacco, w unsp disorders BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.29 - Nicotine dependence, other tobacco product NON-BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.290 - Nicotine dependence, other tobacco product, uncomplicated BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.291 - Nicotine dependence, other tobacco product, in remission BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.293 - Nicotine dependence, other tobacco product, with withdrawal BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.298 - Nicotine dependence, oth tobacco product, w oth disorders BILLABLE CODE
            • F17.299 - Nicotine dependence, oth tobacco product, w unsp disorders BILLABLE CODE