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ICD-10 Diseases and Injuries search results for term Pain, joint

Term TitleICD-10 CodesTerm Notes
Arthralgia (allergic)See Also: Pain, joint;
ArthrodyniaSee Also: Pain, joint;
Coxalgia, coxalgic (nontuberculous)See Also: Pain, joint, hip;
Dysfunction »
joint-pain syndrome
Pain S »
metacarpophalangeal (joint)
See: Pain, joint, hand;
Pain S »
metatarsophalangeal (joint)
See: Pain, joint, foot;
Disorder Of »
See: Pain, joint;
PolyarthralgiaSee: Pain, joint;
Temporomandibular joint pain-dysfunction syndromeM26.62
Syndrome »
temporomandibular joint-pain-dysfunction