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ICD-10 Diseases and Injuries search results for term Neutropenia

Term TitleICD-10 CodesTerm Notes
Decrease D »
absolute neutrophile count
See: Neutropenia;
Agranulocytosis (chronic) (cyclical) (genetic) (infantile) (periodic) (pernicious)D70.9See Also: Neutropenia;
Doan-Wiseman syndrome (primary splenic Neutropenia)See: Agranulocytosis;
Ulcer Ulcerated Ulcerating Ulceration Ulcerative »
granulocytopenic (with hemorrhage)
See: Neutropenia;
Necrosis Necrotic Ischemic »
in granulocytopenia
See: Neutropenia;
Syndrome »
Neutropenia, neutropenic (chronic) (genetic) (idiopathic) (immune) (infantile) (malignant) (pernicious) (splenic)D70.9