Codes Related to ICD-10 Y63

Failure in dosage during surgical and medical care

ICD-10 Related Codes to Y63

  • Y63.0 - Excessive amount of blood or other fluid given during transfusion or infusion
  • Y63.1 - Incorrect dilution of fluid used during infusion
  • Y63.2 - Overdose of radiation given during therapy
  • Y63.3 - Inadvertent exposure of patient to radiation during medical care
  • Y63.4 - Failure in dosage in electroshock or insulin-shock therapy
  • Y63.5 - Inappropriate temperature in local application and packing
  • Y63.6 - Underdosing and nonadministration of necessary drug, medicament or biological substance
  • Y63.8 - Failure in dosage during other surgical and medical care
  • Y63.9 - Failure in dosage during unspecified surgical and medical care
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